External Copy Options Not Working

Hello, I have been going through the info here and cannot find a resolution. I wanted to copy all the chapters and put them in one external file. I cannot copy the folders-copy is grayed out, I cannot copy with selecting text for more than one chapter at a time which boils down to pretty tedious.

Even though I have checked the files I wanted in compile,they only come out with the headings and no text. I was able to export manuscript and that is all. I wanted to put all of the chapters into one file. I do have them listed as a first draft, but I don’t have a draft folder or anything.

I was sure I had done it last year What am I doing wrong? Is it a setting or something? I saw some threads saying unlock the files, but it did not say how to do that. Been trying to figure this out for several hours.

When you run the compile, you say you’re getting the titles of the documents but not their text? If that’s the case, it sounds like you’ve just got the Formatting settings in compile set that the “text” element isn’t compiling. If you click the blue arrow button to the right of the Format As drop-down menu in Compile, you should see a host of options; click Formatting on the left. In the table at the top of that window, you’ll see the different document types and levels in your binder; make sure that the boxes in the “Text” column are checked.

A quick way to essentially reset your compile settings is to select the “Original” preset from the Format As pop-up menu. This will output your Draft as you see it in the editor, without changing formatting or adding any frills (no titles, no prefixes like “Chapter One”, etc.). From there you can tweak the settings if you want to make any further changes.

Well thank you so much. That little blue arrow certainly opened up a whole new whole to me. It was the setting-alas. I sure love this program. Thank you.