External Editor comment text not appearing in Scrivener

I’m using Adobe Acrobat XI (version 11.0.19) on my Retina MacBookPro, 15", Late 2013, 2 GHz Intel Core i7, 16GB RAM, OS X 10.12.3 as my external editor for annotating pdfs. In the past, I was able to see comments written into text boxes and update the Scrivener display just by clicking the update button or by selecting a different pdf within Scrivener and then re-selecting the one I was originally working on. This still works. What doesn’t work is seeing comments written in Acrobat using the “sticky notes” or “Add note to text” boxes commands. These comments are not visible in Acrobat unless I do mouse rollover of click the respective icon (or select them in other ways). In the past, when I clicked an icon in the pdf viewed in Scrivener, I was able to see its contents in a new margin on the left of the document. Now nothing happens. Any ideas how to fix this problem?