External Editor for text file (Japanese Needs this!)

Hi Scrivener Team,

I really love using Scrivener (and Scapple) to write a novel.
But the problem is, I am Japanese, and Japanese novel is normally written vertically.

I understand adding this function to Scrivener is not acceptable right now because your main target is English Writer. So I wont request that.

What I want to request is PLEASE LET ME USE EXTERNAL EDITOR for text file too.
Then I would be able to use other text editor that allows to edit vertically.

I understand there are technicall reason that you don’t allow us to do this.
(I already read this topic --> https://forum.literatureandlatte.com/t/external-editor-for-text-files/23762/3)

For my purpose, I don’t need any RTF feature, I really need just pure plain text only.
If you could add a configuration like “Allow editing text file in external editor (but you loose all RTF formats)” , it would be perfect.

By having this, Japanese user might start using Scrivener too. I hope.


It’s not really possible to allow users to edit files externally because it will lead to a lot of problems in Scrivener. However, Apple added vertical editing to the OS X text system a little while ago, and it’s long been on my to-do list to implement it - it’s fairly complicated as I need to fully update the page view to work with it, but I do really want to get this into a future version so to accommodate Japanese and other users.

Thanks and all the best,


Thank you for the reply.
Actually, your reply made me exciting.
Having vertical editor in Scrivener is even better.
I really believe a lot of Japanese will start use Scrivener after you release it. At least I will let my friends who are doing writing for living to use Scrivener.

Well, I understand the situation, I hope I will see the vertical editor in Scrivener soon.
Thanks again.

In the interim, Scrivener’s Synchronize with External Folder feature may offer an alternative. This feature is the “official” mechanism for editing Scrivener projects using third-party programs. More details can be found in Section 13.2 of the Scrivener (Mac) manual.


Thanks for giving me an alternative.
Actually, I have been using “Sync with External Folder” this couple weeks, and its working ok.
For the time being, I’ll continue using this feature, and wait for your new Vertical Editor feature.