External editor for text files

Hi all,
I understand you can use an external editor via CTRL-F5 on anything that’s not a text or folder item in the binder.
I’d like to occasionally run a grammar checking on my texts, using Word. I guess I can copy&paste into word, fix any mistakes and then copy back to Scrivener.
Is there a way to automate this in some way, like forcing a CTRL-F5 to open the current text file in Word, and then come back?
Many thanks in advance,

We don’t allow this for an important reason: the text file format is based on RTF, but has propriety Scrivener extensions that allow for features that otherwise wouldn’t be possible, such as hyperlinks from one document to another within the project, inline annotations, sidebar footnotes and a few other things, like linked images, that cannot even be done with RTF.

If you’re willing to forgo using all of these features, or to work around the spots that have them or accept the consequences of losing them, then you can use copy & paste, but we didn’t want to make it that easy to do, and have to throw disclaimers all over about things that not everyone is going to understand (like RTF specifications).

Fair enough! Thank you for the clarification.
Best regards,