External Editor / URLs

I am working on a project that requires lots of external URLs in most pages. When I import a document into Notepad Pro, the links are live, which is how I need them. Notepad is my default editor for rtf files. How exactly do I make it the default editor or at least the “other editor” in Scrivener?

When I try to use the “other editor” from the menu the page splits in half horizontally with copies of the same page in each half and both sides seem to be using the built-in Scrivener editor. Also, once a page is split like this I can’t make the division go away.

Suggestions appreciated.


Other Editor is just that—the editor in Scrivener has two sides (though one is hidden quite often), so references to “Other Editor” in the interface strictly refer to impacting that secondary editor—the one you aren’t currently working in. Incidentally you can close splits in the View/Layout sub-menu. You can also do this in the header bar for either editor. See Step 8 in the tutorial for a walkthrough on how splits work, and §13.8 of the user manual for complete documentation.

As for editing a text file outside of Scrivener, this isn’t possible. There are too many internal maintenance functions in a text document that Scrivener needs to maintain on its own, for this to be feasible. It has to keep search indexing up to date, offset byte integers for links, and so on. While it uses RTF files as a working format, they are only meant to be accessed as RTF files in dire emergencies where Scrivener is not available.