External file link missing / problem is back

This problem is back: Edit > Link, then inserting a link to a file in the dialog produces a link with only 2 // instead of 3 ///. It is necessary to add a slash at the beginning of the pasted or typed file link in the dialog. Adding the extra / in the dialog makes the link work.

Dragging a file from the desktop or Windows Explorer to the Link dialog will automatically supply the necessary slash before the drive letter for a local file. The general file URI syntax is file://, which is what Scrivener provides as the prefix–a networked path would look like file://hostname/path/to/file.txt. If you’re copying and pasting the link or typing it manually, you will need to add the slash for the local path, since Windows Explorer does not provide it.

Ah, I had forgotten about the new drag-and-drop possibility in v. 1.7. When I do that, though, the link still has 3 / marks: file:///C:/Users/, etc. I’ll try to remember this much easier method, and if I ever do it the old-fashioned way, I’ll put in the extra / at the beginning. In v. 1.6.1, this third / was inserted by the program when using the dialog.

Right, but that prevented proper linking to anywhere but the localhost, so we corrected it in 1.7.1. :slight_smile:

Ah again! It hadn’t occurred to me that one would link anywhere but localhost–you see how primitive I am. :smiley: