External files

Playing around with Scriv to see if it can do what I need. Suddenly this appeared in the text of a note: [file://localhost/Users//Documents/To … ument.rtfd](file://localhost/Users//Documents/Together/Default/Documents/New%20Text%20Document.rtfd). How did that get there!? The only way I can get something like that, is by dragging a file in, but I cannot remember ever visiting the area on the disk where Scriv stores files, so how?

Also, would it be possible to open a link like this in a Scriv window, perhaps importing it at the same time?

If you wish to import an RTF file you can simply drop it into the Binder. This works with all supported file types. As for how the link popped up in your Scrivener document, I don’t know. You probably accidentally dropped it there at some point without realising it. There are other ways to make links, but they requires a sequence of events which would be unlikely to accidentally invoke. I note that Together is involved. I am not familiar with that application. Does it perhaps have some system Services that might be responsible for dropping a file reference or link to a file within its database?