external hyperlinks disappearing

New user here. So far I am loving it. so much that I got really ambitious. I am trying to set up a file/folder/internal/external massive linking system, driven by a single menu in a single Scrivener Project, which is activated by a double-click on a “START” icon first thing every morning.

Things were going so well: every single prototype element worked. Then I started to build out.

Suddenly hyperlinks randomly disappear and Scrivener randomly crashes … about a dozen times a day.

Are my plans for world domination in jeopardy? :smiley:

Some facts will likely prove helpful to you for diagnosis:
My OS: Windows system 7 Pro64
My computer: a 6 month-old Dell maxed to the max
My Scrivener version: - 09 Apr 2013
My process:

  1. grab fully functioning menu with hyperlinks (I’ve tried Open Office, Word & Excel with output as pdf, html, rtf, xml, doc, docx, etc) The info is being captured, so the problem is not there.
  2. stick into Scrivener (I’ve tried every menu command) Most times most of the hyperlinks survive; so this may be a partial player, but not the killer.
  3. import any missing links using the Edit>Link command. This works perfectly.
  4. At this stage everything works fine (step 3 should not be necessary, but I can live with that).
  5. Save – everything still works.
  6. Exit. Reopen to … CHAOS! Some links are blank, some are duplicates of others, and some are actually still working.

Is it is known bug (I notice that a recent upgrade claimed to cure a related problem), a special feature (undoubtedly requested by Homeland Security), a user error (I just knew I would make one this year :blush: ), or simply massive ignorance (I’ll admit that I have only memorized half of the manual)?

Can you help out a poor fellow mammal here?

One confused mammal :open_mouth:

There’s a bug we’re investigating where external links are not consistently saving properly within a list of links in the document text, so no, I suspect this isn’t you (or Homeland Security). Until we get this fixed, have you looked into using the document references for your links instead? It’s not quite the wiki approach it sounds like you’re going for, but it’s more reliable at this point and it may end up serving you better once you get working with it. Just drag and drop the files to the reference pane in the inspector (second tab from the left in the inspector footer, with the books icon). You can make these specific to a document, i.e. “Document References”, or you can click in the header there to switch to “Project References”, which are always accessible in the inspector regardless of the document focussed in the editor.

As far as the crashing, there are two common causes I’m aware of that might cause this which are worth checking first: XFINITY’s ConstantGuard blocking Scrivener (can happen because our activation provider requires DEP to be off, which occasionally triggers security software) and running RoboForm. Symptoms of the former are typically things like trying to use a Cut, Copy, Paste sort of actions–ConstantGuard will close Scrivener without warning. Solution is to open up ConstantGuard and remove Scrivener from the block list. Symptoms of the latter are broader and typically seen as “random crashing”, but are often things like clicking a lot in the binder, trying to edit a document title, sometimes loading different group view modes. We’ve been in contact with the RoboForm developers and they’re hoping to have this issue resolved with their next update, but the solution meanwhile is to disable the RoboForm option “Automatically attach to Windows applications” or to add the Scrivener program path to the list at RoboForm > Options > Applications Integration to prevent RoboForm attaching to it.

Hi Jennifer,

I shall hop right on the Inspector (well, that didn’t come out right) :laughing:

I don’t have ConstantGuard, but Robo shall be given a stern lecture.

Thanks very much.

A reminder that “Documents > Convert Formatting to Default Text Style” obliterates links while retaining their formatting. Perhaps that’s the origin of at least some of the vanishing link reports. Better, for now, to restyle text via the Format Bar.

Rgds – Jerome

Thanks for that reminder. Convert Formatting has been fixed for the next release so that links are not affected, but until then do avoid the command on texts with links as indicated.

Hi Jennifer,

Reporting in. Your suggestions worked perfectly. No more crashes (thanks Roboform). And I have a fully functional, anatomically correct menuing system!

A few details to help anyone else who wants menus:
I named my controlling menu: MENU (a regular document)
MENU has 4 sections:
1.Important files & folders from my desktop pc [used Edit>Link for each]
2 All Scrivener projects [same]
3. A link to a remote computer [just a separate document within Scrivener, but its links use the next technique]
4. The infamous EXTERNAL LINKS: handled just as you said. [Inspector > Document References, in Document Reference mode to lock it to that single MENU].

Thanks for your help and for the great program.

BTW Convert Formatting was not part of the problem for me.