External keyboard support - On screen keyboard glitch

When using an external keyboard (Apple Alu BT), the ‘eject’ button (nor hardware or keyboard or on screen) doesn’t works fully.

When pressing ‘eject’ on the keyboard, or clicking the ‘down arrow’ on the far right of the on screen keyboard, all on screen keyboard thingies disappear. As they should, and as they do in other iOS apps.

But as soon as you press a button on the external keyboard, the small shortcuts bar turns back up again.


I don’t think anything in Scrivener would disable the eject button - there’s no code to do that and all of code that handles interaction of an external keyboard with the text system is handled by Apple. So I think that must be something caused by Apple’s code, not mine.

The second part you describe is expected behaviour - the downwards-pointing chevron hides the bar while you aren’t typing, then when you start typing, it appears again. That’s the same in all apps, and again is something controlled at the framework (OS) level. You can hide that bar completely in iOS’s Settings app.

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