External link full protocol?

Greetings Team Scrivener

The external link protocol x-scrivener-item:// is working splendidly in Beta 17. I seem to recall there is a parameter to specify whether we want the link to open in the current editor, other editor, or Quick Reference. Hope this isn’t my imagination.The specs were in the Release Notes for an earlier Beta, now overwritten. Could you please repost them?

Much thanks – Jerome

Found 'em. If anyone else needs this info, it’s in the Scriv for Mac manual, naturally. Pages 220-221.

literatureandlatte.com/lear … ser-guides

Appending “&view=split” to the UUID does exactly what I was hoping; it opens the requested binder item in the current editor, even when the default behavior for Scriv Links is to open in the other editor.

All good – Jerome

Glad you found it. By the way the manual misses one code: “ch=”, which will open the requested resource into a Copyholder split. I’m happy this finally on Windows, it’s such a useful feature—especially with the compile option to Insert links back to Scrivener in each section.