External Link Identification

It was the apples and oranges. Good that it got sorted. The contextual menus are essentially the same. Compare @ScriverTid 's earlier image from version 2.5 with this from


Thanks scshrugged. The half hour I spent experimenting with different link situations to see if I could replicate the problem is time I’ll never get back. Perhaps SuffolkStu might show just a little appreciation (though I may perhaps have got his name wrong…)

We very much appreciate our helpful forum users. Keep doing what you do!

But to avoid frustration all around, please do try to mention it early in the conversation if you are running a version that is significantly back level, especially if the question concerns specific menu items.


I do appreciate all of your input, but it’s like Katherine said, to avoid frustration in future if you’re going to respond with helpful suggestions make sure you’re working with the version at issue. That will save a lot of needless frustration on both sides.

Having said that I want to leave the correct methodology for incorporating an external web page using Scrivener version as there are several ways of going about it. However, if you want all options available to you the following is best:-

Go to the top menu File> Import> Web Page… or right-click a document in the Binder and Add>Web Page… Then if you want to reveal the original URL right-click on the document holding the imported page and go to Open>Original URL in Browser.

Thanks. I will. :slight_smile:

I believe I did? At any rate it was at a considerably earlier point than the user-who-had-a-problem revealed that he was importing a web page, not adding a link which is what the screenshots showed. That was the issue in the end, not the version of Scrivener; as repeatedly indicated by other users, the context menus haven’t changed significantly.

You’re quite right, ScrivenerTid, but Katherine’s point that appropriate version is still valid because you couldn’t have known the contextual menu was the same. I think it’s time to let go and move on.

Absolutely! :smiley:


Nice to converse with you again :slight_smile: Lunk

Very good! Somehow though, I think this one is more relevant…