external link TO a Scrivener page

Is there some way I can determine the URI of a specific page IN Scrivener (Windows version) so that I can link to it from an EXTERNAL application such as a mind map, etc?

That is, I’d like to be able to click on a link in my mind map to call up a specific page in Scrivener.

Can it be done?


Not yet! It is on the list of things we want to provide. It will take the form of a URI, just like you request. There will even be options for doing things such as splitting the UI in Scrivener when opening the item, etc.


Please be sure to include it in the Windows version!


With that URI capability the next step might be to expand Scapple into a fully-featured mindmap similar to Freeplane or Xmind (etc.) that is fully “married” to Scrivener!

Imagine having all of the “big picture” management capabilities of a visually-oriented mind map in which clicking on a node would bring up a corresponding Scrivener page as an editable “note” in a split screen.

That would be AWESOME! :wink:

Yes, that’s exactly how these things can be really useful. Another option is putting them into the text in Scrivener itself. Why link back to yourself—well that comes in pretty handy when you are proofing a PDF. See a typo? Just click the link at the top of the section and fix it.

But as for turning Scapple into a mind-mapping program, don’t cross your fingers. The whole point of that program was to not be a traditional mind-mapping program—the world has plenty enough of those. It is deliberately ignorant of the metaphors used in these programs.