External links and references

One piece (of many) that as yet I am totally lost on is/are references, both internal and external.

I thought I would set up a blank project just to walk through the process, but I am totally lost. I get that one can have internal links to something, say, on their computer. Also then, one can have external links to web pages or files…

The theory is fine, but I am not getting the procedural steps at all. Is there somewhere I can follow along a 1,2,3 process to create both an internal and external link in my test document?

Internal links are links to other documents in the project. They point to a document, not to some stretch of text within that document. If you are trying to use Scrivener almost like Word, say with each chapter in a single document, internal links will be of comparatively little use; if you break your chapters up into scenes and maybe sub-scenes, each in a separate child document of the higher structural level, they become much more useful. (And by the way, Scrivener is designed to be used the latter way, making it more efficient, less liable to serious corruption and giving more flexibility, as only the document(s) you are actually working on are loaded into memory, not the whole project.)

External links are links to matter external to the project, files on your hard disk, web-pages, etc.

HTH :slight_smile:


Mark, part of the problem I am having I think is that my “Scrivener for Dummies” keeps referring to the Reference bar, which I have yet to locate.