External links in footnotes?

How can I keep the active links I see in my Scrivener footnotes when MMD exports html for my webpage?

MultiMarkdown compile is by and large plain-text (there are a few exceptions for Scrivener’s own built-in features, such as footnotes themselves), there is no such thing as a hyperlink in a plain-text file, which is why we use [syntax](http://) to create them in MMD. You should find those work just fine wherever you put them, footnotes included.

Thanks, Ioa: this is good news.

Unfortunately I can’t figure out how to use it. I tried all of these:


– and all I got was the plain-text URL.

Please educate a newbie.

The correct method is the second from the top in your list. Here is a MultiMarkdown cheat sheet.

As for why that isn’t working, I’m not sure. :confused: I’ve attached a sample project that shows a simple footnote with a link in it, and in the split window below, the HTML snippet I get when compiling that project.
ScrivMMD-links_in_footnotes.zip (50.3 KB)

Problem solved!

I was confused by your term “syntax”, not understanding it was a generic placeholder; I thought it was literal code. Your example footnote and HTML clarified that.

But another main problem was that I was compiling before committing a “linked” (Inspector) note. Whatever changes I had just made in the note didn’t get compiled. When I learned to click out of the note before I compiled, it worked. Inline notes don’t need this tactic.

Thanks for hanging in there with me till we got this fixed!

Sorry about that! I was combining the explanation with the form, if you remove the punctuation, it reads, “we use syntax to create them…”. :slight_smile:

That is a known bug that will be fixed in the next minor update.

The details: inline footnotes by the way are simple text in the file. The concept there is in fact little different from applying italics to a range of text, inline annotations and footnotes are a special type of formatting. Putting the content into a little box off to the side on the other hand means that content is in a completely different file from the main text document, and so long as you have the footnote box open for editing that file has not been saved to the disk.