External Monitor / System Preferences

I have finally lashed out and bought myself an external 24 inch monitor.

Now I find I want to have 2 different sets of System Preferences though - one for when the external monitor is attached, and one when it isn’t.

There are several things I would fiddle with in each case:
a) I like to use Hot Corners when I have just my laptop (lower-left gives me All Application Windows, lower-right clean Desktop), but I absolutely hate having them when the external monitor is attached.

b) With external monitor I have an external keyboard with useable function keys (unlike the ones on the MBP which all have other uses, and I cannot train myself to hit the fn key). So in that case, I would like to program different function keys to trigger Expose etc. than when this keyboard is not attached.

And a few other minor things that don’t really matter (eg. desktop images).

Is there anyway the System Prefs can be configured differently depending on the external device plugged in?

Am still on Tiger for now. Will upgrade to Leopard eventually…


Have you tried MarcoPolo ? Maybe it could do it (haven’t tried myself) ?