External references viewable inside S

The ability to link external references is great. However, I use the split view quite frequently when I’m writing and it would be great to drag an external reference (e.g. a PDF) into the split pane. Is this easily achievable?

Currently, I must import any files I want to view within S.

If you have an external reference attached to a file in the references pane (or internal one for that matter), you can split your view, then simply drag the reference to the header of the split you want to view it in.

In the case of an internal reference, you can simply double-click on the reference in the references pane and it will automatically open in a split window. For external references, it will open the file in its native application (Preview, Quicktime, whatever).

No need to import anything into Scr. unless you really want/need to. I use this feature constantly without importing any media files or pdfs at all. I have them housed in a central folder on my Finder and can then use them wherever needed by referencing them and viewing them within Scr.

Does this help?

Thanks! I did try this with a .txt file to test and apparently that filetype is not supported. I jumped the gun suggesting it didn’t work with PDFs as I hadn’t actually tried it.


Yes, this works with media files - PDF, images, .webarchives and QuickTime files. All of those you can keep as a reference and drag into the header bar, and it will open inside Scrivener. All other files can only be opened in the default application. The reason you can’t do it with text files, incidentally, is because of the vastly different import possibilities - you could lose a lot of formatting if you opened a .doc file like this, for instance (whereas when you import, at least you are warned that some formatting can be lost).

Hope that helps,