External references with anchors don't open in the finder

I can store an external reference in the Inspector, e.g.

But when I double-click the reference, or select “Open with Finder”, then the ‘#’ is being urlencoded as ‘%23’ before being sent to the browser:

This changes the link to a non-existing location.

[Scrivener 2.4.1 on OS X 10.8.2 with Firefox 19.0.2]

Argh! Keith is going to open fire with a machine gun when he finds out. These URL encodings have been nothing but grief because the OS doesn’t handle proper URLs correctly, as I understand it. Thanks for reporting this, though. 8)

Argh! Now, I don’t want to point fingers at the person on the team who thought it would be a good idea to percent-escape URLs in references ( ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ), but this has been a huge pain, and I have just reverted the code to pre-2.4 behaviour. Although this bug fix will officially be part of 2.5, I don’t want it to linger any more, so I have re-uploaded 2.4.1 with this bug fix. So, please re-download 2.4.1 from the main product page, re-install, and it should work again.


All the best,

Thanks you for the quick fix! It is working fine for me now.

Phew! Thanks for reporting it!