External spell check?

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I primarily use Scrivener for text written in the Danish language. Unfortunately, Apple’s built-in spell checking functionality is rather poor in the Danish version. Even more unfortunately, the most efficient and professional spell checking system in my language is that of Microsoft Word. I loathe using Word, but I cannot get around using its spell checker.

Therefore: Is there any way I can open individual documents from a Scrivener project in Word, spell check them and then save them back to Scrivener?

I hope the question makes sense.


Have you thought of trying Spell Catcher? Not sure if they have a Danish dictionary.



Edit: you could also look at this – not sure if it is really relevant:


Thanks for the tip. I’ll check it out!

I’ve used Spell Catcher for several years, switching between Swedish and English with (configurable) keyboard shortcuts.

Danish isn’t included in the basic config but can be bought as an option:


I can wholeheartedly recommend Spell Catcher. It’s very configurable and works really well for me. Also, support is fast and thorough, should you need it.




It is possible to use alternative spell-checking dictionaries, in particular OpenOffice ones, so if the OpenOffice Danish spelling dictionary is better, you could install that. Here’s how:

literatureandlatte.com/wiki/ … dictionary

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