Extra blank line between paragraphs when pasting text in

I just got Scrivener and am copy/pasting a lot of text from Evernote into it. In Evernote, I have 1 blank line between paragraphs. So it looks like this

However, when I paste the text into Scrivener, it ends up with 2 blank lines between each paragraph, like this:

Is there a way to fix this so that it doesn’t add the extra line?

Note that single carriage returns are pasting in correctly. For example - if I copy/paste this in from Evernote:

It looks just the same in Scrivener:

(Note that I’m using regular Paste Ctrl+V because I do want to keep the text formatting from Evernote. However, in case this is useful for debugging: if I do use Ctrl+Shift+V it pastes in with only a single line between each paragraph, as I’d like. But - sadly - without any formatting, so I don’t want to do that.)