Extra Blank Pages, Mobi on Ipad

I have been trying out the latest trial version of Scrivener - deciding if it is the right tool for me for creating ebooks. I compiled a mobi file with several pages before the actual content - title page, copyright page. I selected the Page break before option during compile. The resulting mobi file looks fine on my Kindle, but when I use the Kindle reader on an Ipad there are extra blank pages between each of these pages.

This looks to be caused by a known bug with Page Break Before that inserts two of them. The second one is getting turned into CSS, while the first is being used to cut the page to a new XHTML file, which in turn also generates a new “page” on an e-reader, causing double-breaks on those devices that can display this CSS code (Amazon’s iOS software seems to be the main culprit).

If you’re willing to get your hands dirty, compiling to ePub and editing that with Sigil, then opening the ePub in Kindle Previewer (that will automatically create a .mobi for you) is the best route to take until this is solved. The CSS code you want to remove will be in the “stylesheet.css” file, within the Styles folder. Delete any lines that look like:

page-break-before: always

(There may be a semicolon after the line, delete that too if there is one.)