Extra document included in collection

When I create a search or collection, one or more extra documents without the search term are included. See attached screenshots. Doesn’t happen when the search term is only found once or not at all in the search scope.
I created a small test project (doc1,2,3,4 , quick brown fox, etc.) and could not reproduce it. I checked in another project of mine: it does not happen. So something weird in this project only.
Sorry I can’t give you a reproducible sequence. It’s not a big deal, I can live with it, but if you want to track it down and cannot reproduce it, I am happy to send you a zip of the errant project. It’s about 5MB.
Version: Beta (899097) 64-bit - 18 Apr 2020

Try File > Save and Rebuild Indexes and search again. Does it work as expected afterwards?

Sorry for the delay in replying. YES! Rebuilding indices worked. Thanks.