extra file structure

After unpacking a zipped scriv project on a PC that was originally edited on a Mac, I see an extra folder structure called MacOSx. That new folder structure, not there in the original ‘show package contents’ on Mac, is then there when I open the project on Mac again.

Can I ignore this, edit the project on PC and then eventually reopen it on the Mac? Will all my edits carry over? What’s the deal with the extra folder structure?

I love Sriv for mac but the transferability of projects between Mac and PC is not confidence inspiring. Too many problems and strange behaviours.

I’m test driving the compatibility between Mac and PC… at this rate I can’t see purchasing a separate license for PC when the scriv projects are so tenuously compatible, at least in my experience.

You should, in fact, be able to delete that MacOSX folder - it sounds like a hidden file that Finder creates that isn’t really part of Scrivener’s file structure. Or you can just ignore it. There shouldn’t be any problems or strange behaviours, as both platforms use the same file structure, so if you run into any weird issues please let us know.

Yes, the tool that Finder uses to compress things will automatically add this hidden folder—it’s a bit of a pain if you ever want to distribute .zip files to anyone other than Mac users, but harmless. It is completely safe to delete and forget it. It only has any use while being extracted by another Mac. It contains extra meta-data and system flags, such as comments, labels and tags that are not portable between platforms, and with some Mac-only formats it will preserve data that would otherwise be lost in a zip archive (these are kind of rare to come across these days though).