Extra line added after table

I needed to make a documentary style template (two column format for vision and audio) but an extra line is added below the table each time Scrivener opens. It adds it to the template page as well as to every page in the binder. So every time I work on the scripts I need to go through and manually remove the last line from each of the documents - which is very frustrating.

With the lines removed it works well compiling across to docx format, combining the table in the Scrivener documents together into a single large table in Word. But with the extra lines it then creates separate tables (with a line between) in Word.

Bit of an update. I was going to try and GREP the Scrivener files to correct them each time but the easy solution was to compile to RTF (which ignores the extra return at the end of each file) and then save as docx format from Word.