Extra line before chapter heading

I want to use Level1 folder names as Chapter headings (because I want to use custom chapter names/numbers).
So I assigned “Chapter Heading” Section Types to Level1 folders.
The problem is that, when compiled, I get an extra empty line before the chapter heading.
I played with the Separators but couldn’t find this out.
It seems that the end of the previous “text” section and the beginning of the “Chapter Heading” somehow give rise to the extra line.
If I change the “Separator before sections” for the “New Page Headings” to empty, I do NOT ge the extra line.

I insert all the needed screenshot.



Hi :slight_smile:
As far as I can tell, that’s a known bug.
Search the forum for “empty line” and you’ll find associated threads.
The devs are already aware, and it is on the “to fix” list.