Extra line break at the end of sections

Newbie question coming:

I just used Scrivener in a new (for me) way, composing a short paper into the blank project format using documents as index cards to get my thoughts down and arrange them. The text eventually went into the documents, which were all structured as sections. So far so good–good composing experience that helped me think.

The problem came on compiling. Some of the sections have one paragraph. Some have more than one. I would like all the paragraphs to run together in the compiled version, but all the settings I’ve tried put an extra linefeed at the section breaks. When there is more than one paragraph in a section, there is not a blank line between paragraphs, but on section break, there is. I would like them all to run together with no blank lines. Where’s the control for taking out the linefeed between sections?

It’s not a problem for this short piece, but in future I would like to know how to do this for longer pieces where it will be a pain to clean it up afterwards.


Although the topic itself is referring to a distinctly different sort of problem, I’ve written up a little description of how separators can be configured in Scrivener, in this thread. I’d also have a look at §24.4 of the user manual, starting on page 613.

In your case, it sounds like you have “Empty line” set between sections, and potentially before these sections as well. You can use these two different settings to your advantage in that if you have a sequence of sections together, they can be printed adjacent with “Single return”, but the whole block of them could be separated by an empty line.