Extra Line Space (not after a paragraph)

One line in my document has an extra large space. I have the whole document set to double spacing and I checked the "other drop down menu and all of the options are set to zero. I can’t eliminate this space for anything. Please help. I am including a screenshot. This is in the main editor, I don’t have enough documents to compile yet.

I think it’s because you have a superscripted “th” in the line below the gap. The Apple editor kit on which Scrivener is based puts in extra apace on superscripts, which are in the same point size as the normal text and need the space not to overlap descenders of the line above at the basic line height of 1.0. So even though you are using double spacing that doesn’t override this extra line-height for superscripts.

It is purely cosmetic in the editor; though. On compile—at least in my experience compiling to RTF—the superscript is rendered properly at a small point size which doesn’t interfere with the line height. In fact, in Nisus Writer Pro, I find the superscripts too small, so I deal with that there after compile to set them to the main text size minus 2 points with baseline shifted up by 2 points.

You might be able to remove the extra space by using a fixed measure—open “Other” in the line-spacing dropdown—rather than a multiple of line-height, but I haven’t tried.



Thank you, I see now, it happens wherever there is an ordinal superscript. Do you know if I can just turn off the automatic superscripting, so that it doesn’t convert my “th” to a superscript?



Scrivener > Preferences > Corrections > Auto-Correction > Superscript ordinals