Extra Scrivener icon or disk image keeps appearing

Hi. I’m pretty new to Scrivener (still on the trial version), and pretty new to Mac as well. After downloading the trial, I placed a Scrivener icon on my dock (that’s what the string of icons on the bottom of my screen is called, right?)

I have noticed that every time I open Scrivener with this icon, it places another Scrivener icon or disk image on my desktop (not another one on the dock, but one on the desktop). I don’t need two Scrivener icons on my screen, so I keep “ejecting” the one that pops up on my desktop (by dragging it to the trash), but the next time I open Scrivener again, it comes back.

Can anyone tell me how to make this second icon stop appearing? And will it continue to be a problem when I purchase the paid version of Scrivener (which I plan to do in a few weeks), or is it just a problem with the trial version?




It sounds as though you have not installed it entirely correctly. Try following the short installation tutorial video on our videos page, here:


I hope that will show where you have gone wrong, and help you fix the issue, but if not let me know.

All the best,