Extra Space on Images

Whenever I insert an image and hit compile, the compiled version had excessive white space between the content and the image below it. This seems to be the case in all formats that I try to compile in except for HTML. Does anyone know how to fix this?

Many threads on this. My bet is you’ve got paragraph spacing set to something 1.2, 1.5 whatever times the line height, so with images that amount of the height of the image is added … there’s your blank space. On the line where the image is, reduce the line height on the pop-up menu on the toolbar to 1.0 and all should be well.

I hope I’m right! :confused:


I was having the same issue around images - the extra space between the image and the previous line. When I selected from the beginning of the previous line of text to the end of the image to highlight it, then changed the line spacing to “1x” the space between the text and the image is no longer there.

So, it appears

  • the user operates from the (unspoken) premise that the text is the primary focus (and therefore images are secondary so the special line spacing does not apply to their size)

however, the software was written from the point of view that

  • lines of text and images have the same focus and treatment

Thanks for the work-around, and looking forward to seeing this fixed sometime in a future release.