Extra space prevention

One very writer-friendly feature that Framemaker has, is that it will prevent you from accidentally entering extra space characters between words or after a period. You know, like this . :slight_smile:

I thought I’d toss this out as an idea, since Scrivener already takes so many writer’s needs under considering. I’ve been living without it elsewhere forever, but whenever I return to Framemaker it makes me miss it.

Not to be mean, but that sounds like a typist-friendly measure and doesn’t have much to do with writing. People keep plaguing Keith with requests that are all about formatting and saving keystrokes.

Sure, typing is a drag; maybe one day we will just talk to machines and they will enter our texts all perfectly spelled and formatted. And then we will want auto-features that make the dialogue snappy and the characters less dull.

So I offer this in the spirit of discussion, not correction: let’s mainly think about features that work on the conceptual aspects of writing and not on the mechanical. That will save the developer a lot of time writing responses.

There is a feature in the Text > Convert menu where you can convert multiple spaces to a single space. This isn’t as-it-happens, but at least you can fix it afterwards. :slight_smile:

Hmmm, I understand your point howarth. Next time you try writing without actually putting any words on paper, please let me know. I’ll try not to “plague” you with any remarks that are about presenting a professional, polished manuscript in an efficient manner.

Thankfully, Keith has already thought of this, albeit in a different form. Thanks, Keith.