extracting document templates for use in existing project

I would like to be able to take one or more of the document templates contained within the project templates and “copy them” into my own “blank template” project. Is there a way to do this? Can you have two projects opened in the program at once, or is there a way to “export/import” those templates?

Yes, you would open the project that you are using to construct the new project template, and then open your current work in progress, and simply drag the document templates over from one binder to another. Note that if you are running low on screen space you can use the Exposé button on your Mac’s keyboard while you are dragging items to jump from one window to another. Just hover over the other project’s window in Exposé, press the button to zoom in on it, and then drop the items in the binder.

Thanks so much for your help Amber :slight_smile: