Extracting images


I am about to complete my book and as I wrote it I made a bunch of sketches. Now is the moment to extract all these sketches from Scrivener to send to a designer to properly design it.

Is there any way to extract all the images I used in my project?

I’ve searched the forum and looked into package contents on Mac, no success. Any idea?

Thank you

Are the sketches embedded in the text itself? If so there isn’t an automatic way of extracting them all at once. You’d have to click and drag each one out to the Binder, or right-click and select “Save As Picture…”. I’d recommend the former as you could then easily select all of the pictures in the Binder that you extracted from the text, and use File/Export/Files... to dump them all out to the Finder at once. And if that is how your sketches are already, in the Binder, then that answers that question. :slight_smile: