Extraneous paragraph marks/spacing

When I hit return in one of my documents, Scrivener inserts a blank line between the paragraphs. It doesn’t do that in the other documents in the project.

If I View->Show Invisibles, I can see paragraph marks between paragraph in the one file, but not in the others.

I can’t find any settings that allow me to change this behavior. The issue may be related to how I imported some text from Word, then created additional docs and moved text from one to another.

Side questions: Is there some way to select documents from the binder and apply a consistent style to all of them? Or apply a consistent style to the entire project?

Yes, and actually your side question is what I would have recommended in an attempt to normalise or solve this one file you imported. To do so, select all of the items you wish to normalise in the binder, and then use the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command. This will ask you how in depth you wish this conversion to be—for a full conversion, just leave everything as-is.

That should fix whatever weirdness was happening in that one document, too. It sounds like it just had extra post-paragraph spacing applied to the stylesheet.

I cannot find that function anywhere in the Windows interface. Too bad, it sounds cool.

It should be in the final version (and maybe sooner), so keep an eye out for it.

It seems the Documents/Convert/Formatting to Default Text Style menu command is still not available in the latest beta. Any idea when it will be added? I just imported about 300 text files into my new project, and they were assigned a tiny, unreadable 8-point font.