"Extras" installer for 2.0?

Registered 1.54 user. Followed the instructions: deleted 1.54, purchased a 2.0 upgrade, got a registration code, download 2.0, installed, registered, no problems. But, the PDF manual refers to an “Extras” installer:

“After copying the Scrivener application to your hard drive, you can then drag a copy to the Dock from the Applications folder if you wish. To install the optional bonus material, including starter templates, export presets, scriptwriting presets, and more, double-click the Extras Installer which should be available in both the DMG and the CD.”

There is no Extras installer in the DMG that I downloaded, just the Scrivener app and a shortcut to Applications. What am I missing / doing wrong / misunderstanding? Thx.

Screen shot 2011-04-29 at 10.59.27 AM.jpg


Thanks for upgrading. There is no Extras Installer for 2.0 because all of the templates, script formats and suchlike are now built in to the application itself. Where in the manual does it say this? I just search the manual available from the Help menu and couldn’t find any reference to the Extras installer, but if it’s there then it’s a mistake that needs removing, so I’d be grateful if you could point us to it.

Thanks and all the best,

Thank you, Keith. I must have looked at an old copy of the pdf manual. I downloaded it again from the support page, and the references to “Extras” has been removed. Thanks again, and sorry for the trouble.

No problem, glad it’s something that’s already been fixed.
All the best,