Extremely slow and crashy backups

I tried to close Scrivener the other day and it was taking so long to backup (after literally 15 minutes it was maybe at 21%) that I had to just force a program close. I didn’t lose any data as far as I can tell, however now every time I try to close Scrivener the backup fails, I’m forced to force-close the program, and even after that my entire system goes essentially into lockdown (ie. takes a minute or two even to open an Explorer window, then shutting down either takes 10-15 minutes or doesn’t even happen, I’m forced to unplug the computer just to shut down). So it seems there’s some sort of serious error happening; even once Scrivener is technically no longer working (according to Task Manager) my entire computer is on the fritz. When I restart and don’t use Scrivener, everything works fast and fine, so I don’t think my computer generally is the problem.

I’ve turned off automatic backups and I can consider doing manual backups, however even the manual backups are very slow (they take a minute or two, used to take a few seconds) and generally Scrivener has become very slow; should I just try re-installing? The project is big but it’s not unwieldy.

On a related note, I have no idea what the default location of my backups is, I can’t find any of the old backups (I put backups of the actual project file on a flash disk every so often, perhaps should also include a ZIP backup from now on).

Have you added a lot of PDFs or images to your project as they can in my experience increase backup time.

To find the location of your backups go to Tools > Options [F12] and go to the backup tab. There is a section called Backup location that tells you where your backups are currently being stored. If you wish to go to this folder click the open backup folder button. If you wish to change the location where your backups are stored click the choose button.

Regarding the slowness issue some users have found that reinstalling solves the issue but the moment it varies. If you choose to reinstall you should not lose any work but I recommend making backups as a precaution. Please let us know if reinstalling solves the slowness issue for you.

Hope that helps.