Eye-catching Highlight?

Hi, Scrivner-ites :slight_smile:

In the Binder, in my Draft folder I have a long list of files and text. When you highlight one to work on it, the highlighted color is lite-gray, and difficult to see.

I checked at Tools/Options/Appearance but didn’t see anything that would allow me to change the color.

Is there anyway to improve the highlight color to make it stand out better, and make it easier to spot on the screen?

There’s not a setting in Scrivener for adjusting the selection highlight there, but you could adjust the background colour in the binder to make the inactive grey selection more evident. You could also try using the Ctrl+Tab shortcut to switch focus from the editor to the binder, so the selection uses the blue active colour, then Ctrl+Tab back to the editor.

Great idea to adjust the background color! I made it a pale lavender, which is prettier to look at and does let the selected item show up better.