F 'Feck Sake! Don'T Let Druid See This Thread

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Brilliant! I’m off to get a pair right now. They’ll go perfectly with my Express Sun-block.

  1. :smiley:

“Another Goggles app, currently in development, will allow readers with strong feelings about postings on the Guardian’s Comment Is Free site simply to yell their objections out loud, for example in the street, or on a bus. A voice-recognition system will then add their opinions to the relevant web page within 30 seconds.”


Gerrin’ berra all the time…init!! yeah! :laughing: :laughing:
Won’t ‘ave t’ gerroutta bed at all, in a bit.
They’re working on an intravenous Jameson app too!!! HeHeee!!

Worrabout this one!! :laughing: :laughing:google.co.uk/intl/en-GB/landing/nose/

Mind you it’s still in beta…but WGAF! Bring it on :smiling_imp:

So if a peeping tom was wearing a pair of these would all of the viewers on the internet get arrested as well?

Hey, I was wearing my Google Goggles and therefore saw this thread.
Sorry to disappoint, Vic. However, the goggs did tell me that the Red Lion
Is offering a special today on Jameson and Guinness:
Only .50 p per libation, and free if you possess 17 thru’penny bits. :mrgreen:

Young Master druid, bug infestation is endemic amongst most of the cheap Google iterations of all quality thingies.

Your cheap Google gogs are playing a trick on you. The RED LION is no more. Tis now a TESCO store selling contraptions, contraception, confections and confetti.
Google is taking you for some kind of A fool.
Poor droo, chin up.

I believe that Gooogggles are not time-delimited; that is, what the wearer sees is time-independent. You, as viewer, may be seeing present time, but it is not impossible that you are seeing past time or future time. You note

which all accept. The RED LION is no more. But it was, and – Guardian editors possessing powers beyond those of ordinary mortals – perhaps yet again shall be.

Despair not.


Young Master Philip!! That was very cruel of you to plant such a seed in so fertile and susceptible soil. Shame on you!
Angry Fluff
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A couple of questions.

If you are wearing a pair of these google glasses and you are eyeballing someone are you GOGGLING?

If you are then what if you are Goggling Google googling the meaning of goggling while wearing the Google Goggles?

I believe that when druid updated his goggles’ OS to gogsOS 6.0, the GoogleGogs software was automatically replaced by AppleGogs…

[size=50]I’m available for children’s parties, folks.[/size]

No no no. Word is that Apple is working on a completely new, multi-vision, minimalist class of device to be called the iSight. Specs include a beautifully sleek, organic uniBody 36DD frame, running iSpy 2.2. Can’t wait to get my hands on a pair… 8)

So it’ll be Watch&See, with Apple, if the spec sync with Apple’s wrist watch.

Your kind of juvenile humour will go down well with the kids, Master Kevin


Tell that to the primary school kids I used to teach - it was tumbleweed all the way there, too.

the consequences of which, will, I fear, mar the rest of their lives. :frowning: