F2: Enable from Document Pane

F2 functions wonderfully when the title of a document is in focus, in the binder pane. It makes auto-fill pretty easy [F2, DELETE, ENTER]. But if I am in the document pane, it takes at least one extra key-combo to focus the document title [CTRL-TAB]. Is it possible to program F2 to set the corresponding doc title for editing (select-all) from within the document pane? Currently F2 doesn’t seem to have a function in the document pane. Or, is there already a key-combo for what I’m after? Thx, k

I might not be understanding what you are looking for, but that should already be doing something. If I select some text in the editor and hit F2, that is what the name of the document will be.

If you mean instead some way of getting to the editor header bar, without using the mouse, then yes that is something we’d like to add in the future if we can. The goal would be for it to be universal though, so you could even hit it while typing in an Inspector Comment and land in that document’s editor header bar, so you can edit the title.


Your second paragraph describes what I am after. I look forward to its implementation.

In my original question, I had not selected anything in the text of the document before striking F2, hence nothing happened. I like the autofill feature for document titles, but I will try to keep in mind the select-entitle feature as you described it. So many features, so little time . . . .

Thx, k

Auto-fill in particular should be much more seamless in the future, too. I’ve been using some test builds with the new approach and it’s going to be very nice for documents that need no more than the beginning of the document to identify them.