Face modelling and morphing

Hi, folks!
Can somebody recommend something like FaceGen Modeller (facegen.com/modeller.htm) but for Mac Os?

MorphX available at norrkross.com/software/morphx/morphx.php

Poser can do something like that, but the one time I tried it in Poser 5 it didn’t work very well. I’ve never used newer versions of it.

You might want to check out Morph Age (creaceed.com). Looks well done, though I’ve never used it. BTW, you can download the MacWorld MWSF coupon book which has a coupon code for 20% off Morph Age through January.

Thank you all for the recommendations. I think I’ll try Poser for MAC. The key feature for me is to create faces (may be even with body :slight_smile:) for my heroes. And morphing is only a way to make this process easier.