FACEBOOK Connectivity??

I would love to be able to not only tweet my progress, but post it to Facebook as well. I have Twitter linked to FB, so it works that way, but I’m limited with the number of letters in Twitter.

I would like to be able to post snippet teasers of passages in my book on Facebook. I think that would be a pretty ‘easy to do’ option and a very cool one!

If you do decide to include something like this, please make it possible to opt out. I detest facebook, and I’m’ sure I’m not the only one.

I believe Mavericks has made Facebook as accessible as Twitter and will be looking into it.
All the best,

glaedr, it will more than likely resemble the Twitter integration, which is so far out of the way that I bet most people don’t even know where it is, and the only way to instigate its usage is to manually tell the software to send a tweet by clicking a button, and even then only after you’ve specifically gone into OS X settings and provided the Mac with your account credentials for the service. It will hypothetically just be some kind of button that prints a status message to the Wall, or Chronosphere—whatever they are calling it these days.

Please, let’s have at least one Facebook-free zone. If you feel it must absolutely be integrated into Scrivener, bury it so deep that one must hunt for it.

Tired of FB in my face all the time. It’s obnoxious.


Unless facebook integrates scrivener in its interface first, I would not give them the honors! :slight_smile:

The only way they have integrated Twitter is to provide a little blue bird in the Project Targets pop-up window that will tweet how many words you’ve written that day/session. I would assume facebook would have a little ‘f’ to do the same in that location.

If you don’t want FB or Twitter integration, don’t give OS X Mavericks your FB or Twitter credentials. Problem solved.

Those of us who’ve been around this forum long enough realize what Keith is up to, and have sussed out many of his long-range plans. (TIP: anything KB instantly sneers at is pretty sure to be on his agenda; he isn’t shooting it down, he’s just PO’d that someone thought of it before he could spring it on us.)

The point here being, Keith already has a Scr beta with an incorporated browser, spread sheet, and video editor. Probably won’t be on the open test-market for a couple months. Watch for it. It’ll knock your socks off.