Facing Pages bugs

Hi all.

I have stumbled upon couple of bugs when trying to compile my document using “Facing Pages” options. Not sure if this is one bug or more, so will report all my findings here. Please note that i am using “script” mode (UK Stage Play)

  1. If I set up “section layout” for my scene to “always start on recto/verso” the compiler will start the section as instructed, but it will also insert some random blank pages throughout my scene. Placement of these blank pages seems to be a bit random.

  2. If I use cm form my margins, or if i use inches and if I make outside margin smaller than 0.5" the layout engine completely ignores “use facing pages” and renders all pages padded as if they are verso.

I am trying to print a booklet, and these functions would be really helpful.

Many thanks!

What version of Scrivener, please? And on what platform?

Do you see the same issue with non-script text?

Version 3.3.6, mac os 14.0.

If i apply these to non script content, margins are still broken… also, it seems to me that on non script content (or maybe on content with no header/footer) if any margin is zero (top, bottom, inside and not just outside) the engine will ignore layout changes and render all pages as verso.

However, it looks like the engine is not injecting random blank pages on non-sctipt content when I want sections to start on verso pages.