Fade full-screen transition - NaNo 2010


I’m just getting used to the NaNo 2010 release of 2.0 and seeing how best to use the interface improvements and new tools in my workflow.

I’ve got to say I’m loving it, but is the fade transition between full-screen and non full-screen here to stay?

Before I could cmd-f back and forth instantaneously - with no delay to redraw the page, but now there’s the fade to black which (personally) I find really intrusive and jarring. My eyes are used to my pale grey page colour and I feel my eyes trying to adjust to the black and back again. It’s just feels a little slow, strange in an app which doesn’t have any other interface lag.

Is the delay there for a reason? Or is this standard OSX style now?

Maybe it’s only only and because I tend to write in a fairly dark room, I don’t know. Anyone else prefer the old swaparoonie to the new faderoonie?

Any chance of there being an option to use the old faster switch method?

It’s always been there - I’m guessing you turned it off in the Preferences of 1.x, just as you can in the Preferences for 2.0. :slight_smile:

I guess I did :blush: Thanks :mrgreen:

PS, I’m a big fan of your forum avatar Huey, Dewey, Louie & Scrivie