Fade In Pro screenwriting software

Have just discovered and started using, a newish screenwriting app that I think is worth sharing. It’s call Fade In Pro. fadeinpro.com/

Found out about it, because it was mention on John August’s Scriptnotes podcast. Craig Mazin (writer of The Hangover part 2, Scary Movie 3 and 4 etc.) mentioned that he had just started playing around with it, and that he was chatting with the developer about it re what he thinks a modern, professional, screenwriting app should be. Find a link to the podcast below if you are interested… Scrivener also gets discussed…

johnaugust.com/2011/firing-a-man … w-software

I downloaded the demo and very much liked what I saw. Nice modern interface, with flexible, easy to use tools. Does all the formatting that Final Draft does plus has similar abilities to issue production reports. The only thing I found lacking that I need, is the ability to output a version of the script with dialogue numbers for voice recording.

I emailed the developer asking about whether dialogue numbers were on his road map along with a number of questions, and he replied in a way I find very similar to Keith. His response pretty much sold me on the software, so I’m going to try it out as an alternative to Final Draft.

Getting projects from Scrivener to Fade In is easy using the FDX format, so it will fit into my workflow nicely. Hash out the first draft in Scrivener then bump out to Fade In for proper formatting and revisions.

For those interested in integration with mobile devices, he has a mobile version as well. I haven’t really looked very hard at it yet, as I’ve been messing around with trying to use the ipad as a writing tool for a while now, and have pretty much gotten to the point that I don’t really think its worth the effort. Others seem to feel differently though, and for them, this seems to be cover by Fade In.

Anyways, if you are looking for a credible alternative to Final Draft, Fade in looks like it is well on the way.