Fade the background facility.

I do not seem to be able to fade the background view to an
infinite variation of grey down to black as I used to be able to do.
This was very useful visual effect. Jt helped concentration !
Is it a lost facility through upgrades?
Or is it I who have lost the facility through age ?

Thank you Robin.


Which part of the program are you trying to fade? Are you referring to Composition mode? It is rare that features are removed, but sometimes they are moved or renamed to something else.

Sorry sorted.
I was going to full screen by the zoom facility ( where the fade does not work.)
Of course I should have been going to full screen by the keyboard cmd/alt/f
If i do that it works perfectly.

Ah, right. Yes in Lion there are now two “full screen” modes. We changed the old traditional “full screen” to be called Composition Mode. We’d have preferred to come up with a creative name for the new Lion mode and keep the old one consistently named with prior versions, but Apple forced everyone’s hand in that regard. So Composition Mode is now the distraction free writing area, where you can fade things. The Ctrl-Cmd-F full screen is useful for focussing on Scrivener but still having fully access to the interface.