"fade" the ruler

This probably sounds insane, but a purely cosmetic request (which would mean yet another preference): the ability to lessen the visual impact of the ruler by “fading” it into the background colour.

I use whatever passes for “styles” in OS X quite a bit, especially in conjunction with system-wide keyboard shortcuts, and it pains me that the ruler still needs to be present when I use those shortcuts.

I don’t necessarily mean making the ruler transparent (which would be awful if it was overlaid on text), but overlaying a transparent block of the background colour over the ruler, so that it looks transparent.

Is this remotely possible?

I’m afraid not… Not really. The ruler comes “for free” with the text view. It takes on the window background colour, and you can’t set a separate colour for the ruler. It is also notoriously difficult to customise the ruler as it is not well documented. Your solution, of putting a block of colour over the top of the ruler, could only be done by placing a view over the top of it, which would prevent you being able to click into it at all…
All the best,

Yeah, I could see how being unable to click on the ruler could be a problem. :slight_smile: Stabbing in the dark, the only alternative I can think of would be to have a different approach to hiding the ruler – rather than being banished, the ruler is moved out of the visible frame of the window, leaving its functions accessible by keyboard shortcuts.

You can (kind of) do this already - showing/hiding the ruler is managed by the shortcut Cmd-R. I’m not certain which keyboard shortcuts are enabled or disabled by the ruler (I know that bold/italic/underline and the alignment ones are available via global shortcuts, whether or not the ruler is visible), but CMD-R and then a click, or a shortcut, isn’t that bad methinks.

As I said in the original post, no, you can’t get to the shortcuts when the ruler is hidden, which is why I raised this issue in the first place. :slight_smile: