Faded images during compile in 3.0.3

I just noticed that png images are faded in the compiled pdf, a problem that was supposed to have been fixed with 3.0.3. However, that’s what I’m running (under OS 10.3.4, newly installed), but the problem persists. Any ideas? Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere and I missed it. I have seen the “Images look faded and have false colors” thread.

Could you please attach a (zipped) sample project that demonstrates the issue? Images were fixed so that they no longer fade on save and load in the editor, but I’m not aware of any issues with faded images in Compile. I cannot reproduce the issue just yet so a sample project would be very helpful.

The good news is that I received a message from Apple telling me that the underlying bug (which was introduced by Apple in 10.13.4) should be fixed in 10.14.

Attached has a small piece of the project with a linked png, the original png (both pngs absurdly downsampled to meet the file attachment size limit), and the pdf produced upon print compile. Even with the tiny pngs the fading is evident.

fading.zip (366 KB)

FWIW, using the latest beta of macOS 10.14, the linked image fades on compile, and yet the same image compiles without fading if it is inserted into the body of the text.

Great, thanks for the project. This should now be fully fixed for 3.0.4. Previously, I was fixing the issue in my code before calling Apple’s buggy method, but had missed a couple of places Apple’s method was called. In the new fix for 3.0.4, I have just replaced Apple’s buggy method and put the workaround in there. This means that the bug gets fixed wherever the method is called without me having to patch it up throughout the code.

Just to clarify, though: from my testing, I believe this bug only affects PNG images and is only present on 10.13.4 and above. Thus my fix is likewise based on these parameters. Please let me know if you see it affecting any other types of image, or if anyone sees it on an earlier version of macOS.

I have also replied to Apple asking them why the bug report has been closed when the issue persists in the latest 10.14 beta. (This is quite typical - they often write to tell me they have fixed something which on the briefest of testing turns out to be still broken. :slight_smile: )

Well, Apple have their Genius Bar, and barring geniuses could of course have strange effects…