Fading scroll bar

I really love what you’ve done with the full screen mode in Scrivener 1.0 beta. I am however a real sucker for the retro ASCII look and I mostly tend to use green Courier on a simple black background. With this setting it would be great to have the option of letting the scroll bar fade in when needed and fade out when it’s not. In HogBay Software’s WriteRoom the scroll bar appears when you move the mouse cursor and then fades away. Simple and nice.

I have to admit I’m not a fan of the fading scroll bar look, mainly because you have to mouse about trying to find it if the scroll bar is not at the edge of the screen (which it can’t be in Scrivener because of the options to have a different background colour). However, you can always choose to hide the scrollbar completely via Preferences.

Hiding the scrollbar is ok, I suppose. At least if the “scroll wheel/two fingers on trackpad” bug will be fixed in coming versions. Today two-finger-scrolling only works intermittently in full screen mode on my iBook.

BTW, in WriteRoom the scroll bar appears as soon as you move the mouse, or you drag your finger on the trackpad. No need to locate any trigger point that way.

The scroll wheel bug is fixed for the next beta. Two-finger scrolling works fine for me already, though, on my MacBook. Note that it will only work when the mouse is over the document area, though.

To get around this Fitt’s Law business, how about fading the scrollbar in whenever the mouse leaves the page area?