Fail importing webpages [Japanese system]

When I want to import webpages into Reseach folder or its children, I get an error message “Scrivener failed importing the URL.” It comes every webpage I try to import, such as Wikipedia, Wall Street Journal, and the static html page on my webserver.

I think Windows Scrivener3 try and fail to save the webpages as .webarchive file internally, as Mac Scrivener3 does. The .webarchive file is only available on macOS now, because it’s made by Safari.

It is so bother to save webpages as PDF temporarily that I lose motivation. I know it’s the longstanding bug, but I would like to pay attention to this problem one time now.

It works for me for every page I try. Would you share a link that doesn’t work for you so I can try it?

Really? It may be the problem that is only under my condition…

At the moment, all of the webpage I tried doesn’t work. For instance, “Scrivener(software)” on Wikipedia, the top page of Wikipedia(English), and the top page of WSJ.

I have re-installed Scrivener 3 and tried again just in case, but it won’t work…

I would check to see if there are any firewall or proxy settings that may be getting in the way, and secondarily anti-virus programs that may be blocking Scrivener from downloading content from the web.

Yeah, I’ve checked it. I also checked network packets by Wireshark. It doesn’t seems to be blocked downloading.

I have understood the reason. I have changed the TEMP/TMP environment variable, and it included multibyte characters.
I removed the kanji character from the TEMP/TMP path, and it worked! Thank you for your advice and I was sorry to suspect it was bug.


Thanks for the update! That is maybe something we can look into fixing, given your description. If it is something we can, then future people do not have to figure out how to change environment variables.

My attempts to import a web page Always fails, with the stern note “Scrivener failed importing the URL”,
followed by … or import the URL as a dynamic webpage to preview its contents in Scrivener… :upside_down_face:

It is frustrating, writing is a lot easier and natural than software mastery.