Fail to import landscape document


I tried to import in Scrivener a pdf file. In this pdf file the page orientation is landscape and I see that when imported in Scrivener the page orientation of the imported document become portrait and cut all the text od the original document.

In which way I can import pdf file in landscape ?

Nobody has the same problem with pdf files ?

clexidra, I just tried this for you with a landscape PDF, and yes, there is an autoconversion to portrait view without rotating the page, so that text is cut from the right side.

There may or may not be something that can be done in future with the PDF import, but there are ways you can work around this right now.

One is online:
Another is within a System X Macintosh - apparently the Preview app can rotate pages and let you save the result.
For Windows, there are some applications you can download - be very careful, though. I’d stick with only ones you can find on, and even there, one of the most popular apparently contains toolbars.

One that looked attractive to me is Bullzip - … 85827.html. This makes a printer driver you can print to, and I think that you don’t have to fool with it, because if you rotate the pages in View within Acrobat Reader, they will print in the orientation you see.

Having re-printed the rotated pdf to another pdf, you can then drop that version on Research in Scrivener, and see it imported.

Hope that helps your view, clexidra.


Just to add – I tried an install of Bullzip, and it does the job wonderfully.

Just open the landscape PDF in Acrobat Reader, rotate the pages so it looks like portrait, then print to Bullzip, and you get a PDF orientated that way which will fit and all be visible in Scrivener.

Now, maybe what you thought wanted was automatic landscape formatting in Scrivener itself. Not impossible, but I imagine that for the present time, Lee has other fish to prepare.

Hi all,

Does anyone have an example of a PDF that isn’t importing properly that they could post here or link to? Or are you always having this trouble with PDFs created in a particular program? Testing this on 024, I haven’t had any trouble importing landscape PDFs, so I think there’s a missing factor somewhere…Any leads would be appreciated!

Hi, Jennifer!

Here is a landscape PDF, as an example:

When I download this PDF to my desktop, I have no problem viewing it with Adobe Reader, but when I import it to Scrivener, Scrivener tries to display it in portrait format and cuts off the right sides of the pages. If I perform the exact same steps with portrait PDFs, everything works fine.

I am using Windows 7 Professional 64 bit.


Perfect, Laura, thank you! I’ll throw that in with the report so Lee can figure out why certain PDFs aren’t importing right.

EDIT: Checking this out, I was able to resave the PDF (using Preview on the Mac, cough, but I will go try this again in a couple Windows readers once I get to a better machine) and then import that landscape document and it came in properly oriented. This is all without actually doing any rotation or changing the page, just literally opening the file, clicking “Save As” and giving it a new name. So it might be worth it for anyone having this trouble to open the original PDF in your normal reader and then just resave it from there and import it, if your PDF tool has the ability to save files (e.g. Adobe Reader’s “save a copy” won’t cut it). If anyone tries this, please let me know what program you’re using to do it and whether it works or not!

Hi, Jennifer!

I was able to import this PDF into Nuance OmniPage and then export that file as a new PDF. As you thought, Scrivener displays the new file correctly. My conversion process wiped out the TOC links, but someone with a different program (or more knowledge about the one I have) might not have that problem.

Thanks for the tip!

The problem with landscape pdf. imported in scrivener is yet here.

I see you proposed a tip but I don’t understand how it works, I try to resave it but this solutions deosn’t work for me…or maybe I wrong something.


Hi clexidra,

The resaving only works from certain programs–e.g. Preview on the Mac or, as laura reported, from Nuance OmniPage. If you have the pro version of Acrobat you may be able to do it there; I only have the cheapo (read: free) Reader version and that doesn’t allow resaving the original file. Likewise FoxIt Reader doesn’t perform the action either.

The bug is on the list, and Lee is in process working on PDF issues (which is what caused the accidental missing file in 026–the library was being redone when he had to stop and make some fixes for a couple big bugs in 025 and push out a quick remedial update), so I’m hoping this will be fixed in that overhaul. The trouble is that Scrivener has to use a third-party tool for reading PDFs and it’s got a few quirks. :neutral_face:

Any news on this issue? I work with drawings a lot, and it becomes quite a nuisance since these are always in landscape format.