Failed save?

Ok, I am new Scrivener and still on a trial. I like it a lot but have hit a problem. I created a new project. I then typed about two pages. While doing this I was sporadically hit Cmd-S to save what I typed and I did that before I went to make supper. While making supper I had a power cut. When I restarted the computer and opened Scrivener all I have is the the title of the project but none of the text. Has it not been saved. Is this a bug?

It was not a bug it was me. I did not open the draft. Doh. Still finding my way around. Thanks to all who viewed this query

Glad you got it sorted! There’s a search bar in the top right of the project window, which you might find helpful if you lose your documents again–sometimes they do get hidden in the binder in other documents, either just because you forgot to expand the right folder or because you accidentally moved one document to be a subdocument of another; searching for part of the title or a word in the text can help locate it easily. The “Search results” collection will pop up in place of the binder and you can select the right document and then use View>Reveal in Binder to switch back to the regular binder view with that document selected, so you can see where it’s gotten to.

Also, if you haven’t yet, I definitely recommend going through the Interactive Tutorial. You can select this from the New Project window or via the Help menu, and it will create an actual Scrivener project for you to work through as it explains various parts of the interface and familiarizes you with some of Scrivener’s unique features. So working through that (even alongside the project you’ve got going now) may also help you get comfortable with the program and learn about some useful aspects you may not have uncovered yet.