Failed to Perform Authorized File Move for


I’m currently trying to update Scrivener to 3.1.5 but every time I do, after the download and extraction, during installation I always get the error from auto-updater: “Failed to perform authorized file move for”. When I click okay the updater and Scrivener closes.

Has anyone else experienced this? I would be very grateful for help in figuring out how to fix it.


  • Jessie

It sounds as if the updater is having trouble moving the file, possibly due to a permissions issue. Maybe try moving Scrivener out of the Applications folder to the desktop or somewhere, and downloading a fresh installer from here:

I fixed it! I went into Applications and used “Get Info”. For some reason the app’s “locked” box was checked. Unchecked it, downloaded the update again and it updated! Thanks for the suggestion, Rob.

  • Jessie